flusskreuzfahrtDear Sir or Madame,

Welcome to Würzburg/Germany, a city of many traditions, tourist attractions and cultures.
You have probably already gained a wealth of new impressions during your journey, and we hope that you will come back soon.

In order to process this overwhelming variety of impressions, I would like to introduce myself: My name is Marlene Enderle-Beller, and I’m the owner of the beautiful day spa over the rooftops of Würzburg in the Augustinerstraße 6, located just a few minutes walking distance from the landing stage.

Treat yourself to a short time-out enjoying the following massages and different energetic treatments for regeneration and relaxation.

Full-body aroma oil massage
Valuable oils are used for a deep relaxation of the muscles adjusted to the body’s state.
60 minutes € 72.00

Foot reflexology treatment in a sparkling tube for the feet
Body areas and organs are positively activated through an attentive and deeply effective treatment of the feet.
35 minutes € 37.00

Reflex-sensitive treatment
A beneficial combination of foot reflexology treatment and partial aroma oil massage activate your body energies.
70 minutes € 71.00

Ongkara - Balinese full-body massage
This massage type has been developed from Asian traditional massage elements.
It combines elements from Ayurveda, reflexology therapy and special massage techniques also in case of pain.
90 minutes € 92.00

Pulsation massage for the back
To relieve muscle tensions and for pain reduction - promotes the lymph activity. Short rest time with warming herbs.
60 minutes € 59.00

Taking a short break and gathering new energy
Full-body peeling, mineral bath with full body under-water massage and a subsequent back massage - a wonderful relaxation.                                               
60 minutes € 71.00

Medical foot care
30 minutes from € 29.00

Different facial treatments
According to the latest methods and active substances, adjusted to the skin type including eyebrow correction
60 minutes from € 89.00

Take a short time-out and indulge yourself for a while.
Marlene Enderle-Beller

Ich bin gerne für Sie da

Montag bis Freitag von 09.30 bis 18.30 Uhr,

nach Vereinbarung gerne auch bis 21.00 Uhr!

Samstag nach Terminabsprache.


parkplatz Eigener Parkplatz am Haus (Zufahrt über Büttnerstraße)!

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